Monday 9 April 2012

Tools and links

From time to time there are tools and links that are just plain worth sharing. For excellent bandsaw blades, R&D bandsaws in Brampton, Ontario make an excellent product.
They are easy to deal with over the phone, and despite stating shipping would be 5-7 days the product arrived in 2. Resaw blades are fantastic and wicked sharp.

Because everyone could use a $500 dollar damascus steel chisel, the Japan woodworker exists. Tools out of this world, and many affordable.

Saw Stop, a great idea and innovation, unfortunately as with a lot of newer technology the cost is prohibitive. Website has a sort of gruesome countdown going to the next accident, which it states is statistically every 9 minutes. We're not so bold as to say it can never happen to us, but at 4x the cost of a comparable table saw, we'll continue to be diligent until the price comes down.

Setting up the new shop began soon after the first load of tools arrived, quite a busy July and August!

New favorite saw. Long a fan of Japanese pull saws, this was on sale around xmas so found its way home. Unlike some fixed blade saws, the blades are removable, and the canvas pouch came with a 19tpi as well as a 19tpi blade. It does well on hardwood and rockets through cedar. An excellent edition to the shop, and to relieve some of the others that are becoming dull with age and use. 

Another excellent tool, a Japanese 'boat builders hammer'. Sure we're not Japanese boat builders, but an excellent product, with a slightly crowned face, nice heft and a narrow end for setting and driving in tight spaces. Having used one for the last two years, we are thoroughly pleased with them.