Wednesday 12 October 2016

October shop stuff

18' White spruce thats been drying for more than a year, to be milled for gunwales for a new build. Cedar ribs and planking to be milled and prepped, build starts next week. Seats, decks and thwarts in maple started as well.

Inner gunwales installed, outers to have scuppers routed and attached. Mahogany seat, thwart and decks to be made and installed.

Shape pulled in and sweetened up, will finish up at 11' and 29-30" wide.

Moonlight getting varnished and ready for canvas. 

Tuesday 11 October 2016

Back at it, new computer on the way

Life gets busy. Packboat is finished and has been out a bunch. Colour change coming after the paddling season is done, and a lot of activity to catch up on. 

Test float, with a rare Nashwaak paddles double blade cherry 9' paddle

Thanksgiving weekend paddle

Far too little paddling this year!

Comfortable Swift canoes seat. 

Work on the Moonlight carried on, ready for canvas. Hardwood golf tees glued into old gunwale holes make solid plugs for new holes and screws

One wide piece of African mahogany
Really kool new project, a fiberglass replica of a Chestnut 11' featherweight found on Kijiji, advertised as a 7 foot canoe. A phone call and some more pictures later, we took a look and found this. 

  Cant make out who the builder was in Orillia, but with the single seat, and single thwart its set up just like the Chestnut. After what must have been many years outside, the wood was largely gone but the fiberglass hull was solid, and a nice layup with reinforcing where it is needed

Needing to be stripped, this was tasked out to the apprentice. 

Bare hull

Flotation and a different end treatment.

Small keel, and a rigid bottom

Ready to be fitted out

12' of ash for rails

to be continued..