Saturday 21 April 2012

FOR SALE: Peterborough Prospector

A new acquisition, a Peterborough Prospector from the Department of Lands and Forest. Officially a model 1452, 16`in length. The boat requires a complete refinishing, as well as a few ribs to be replaced. They had been replaced already, but the workmanship is not the best. Two thwarts and slat seats, pure prospector. A perfect tripping boat, this boat is suspected to have been built by the Canadian Canoe Company, who were building most of the Peterborough Canoe Company`s canvas canoes during the period this one was built. Unlike the prospectors from Chestnut, the lines on this one are in our opinion finer, with a finer entry and smoother transition to the midsection, as well as moderate rocker carried the full length. The boat has no keel, and will be a superb paddler.
Visible here is the serial number 1452 as well as the L&F stamp from the Department of Lands and Forests, the former name for the Ministry of Natural Resources. A prospector would have been the natural choice for work in the field, and this one, while well used, was not abused.
Nice lines, constant rocker and replacement ribs visible. A no frills workboat, planked in white cedar and trimmed in ash, it is nevertheless well built and finished.

Wouldnt this be the ideal boat for canoe tripping for an overnite, weekend or week long trip - then again, there`s lot of stablility and room for fishing or just paddling around.


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