Sunday 17 March 2019

Dory is almost done. Seats are done, centerboard trunk needs to be trimmed and rudder and mast step to go in. Time to order a sail or its power only this summer. Never tire of looking at its lines. 
Vintage engine in place, new cleaner 4stroke coming. 

New Cruiser build

Ribs for a new build. Spring is coming and need a new one to paddle. Soaking for a day or two, bend on this week and mill some planking.

Maple live edge slab table

Old maple stump sliced horizontally, with lots of figure and character.  Kiln dried for stability, it will get drop ins for fastening hairpin lets to. Ark no blush epoxy, after sealing voids will be filled with black pigmented epoxy.
First two coats of sealer on with slow hardener, extra clear.