Monday 22 February 2016

Summers coming - random shots to keep inspired while building

Fall shot from Georgian Bay

Gransfors hatchet and Wetterlings Hudson Bay pattern axe

Georgian Bay, best place there is

40s Delta Unisaw, next up for restoration

Very early Chestnut ad describing canoe models

Early shot credited to Thomson in the park

Chestnut Cruiser

57 Chestnut Moonlight currently under construction

Off Lighthouse point, Killbear park Georgian Bay. 17' Chestnut Cronje

17' Tremblay v stern, vintage 4hp merc. Took huge loads on fishing and hunting trips, sadly sold years ago.

Jointer done and working

Ah, satisfaction. One vintage machine rebuilt and running, 2 more to go. Next up is the late 40s Unisaw, followed by a late 50s General Bandsaw. Old iron really is the best, compared to the plastic and aluminum built today. 

Hubbel, American made 220v components. Eded up with a different switch with lockout, but used the rest including new wiring. 

Square D box with lockout. 1hp Leeson motor converted to 220v, drawing only 8 amps rather than 12 at 110v.

Taper sheaves, and v belt. At over $50, pieced belt wasnt used - for $8.99, a new vbelt is fine.

Done, first pass with new blades. No problems

Final paint touch ups, and its done. 

Ready for squaring up stock for thwarts, seats and whatever else needs truing up before the planer. 

General 4", 1/3 hp sold. Not used and too small for our work, but a great piece nonetheless as its built in Drummondville Que, and not an offshore piece.

Next is finishing the cruiser form, and a try at getting a boat off and in the water for mid July,  if not later in the summer. 

Not bad for starting with an ex -factory piece with a crappy jet pump motor cobbled together

Huge industrial power switch, now long gone.