Sunday, 17 January 2016

Jointer project

Almost ready, and really need it done. All painted and going back together with this.

Been looking forward to trying out Boeshield, a rust inhibitor developed by Boeing for use on metal aircraft parts. Not only a water displacer, it leaves a film that doesnt fill up with dust and debris.

Main body on stand

Adjusters and fence lock. Adjusters thread through bronze carriers.

All parts lubed up. 

Cutterhead with new bearings in carriers ,  and outfeed table. 

Outfeed table with adjuster sleeved back in and carrier ready to bolt to main body

Cutterhead cap and fence end. 

 Back together, ready to mount on table and connect to motor.

Finally done

Sleeved pulleys rather than keyed for better balance, matched for 3800 rpm with a 1hp motor turning at 1750 rpm.

Motor in place, to be wired to a new switch box

Last piece to be painted, guard top. 

 Link belt from Lee Valley will be used , as they are supposed to run cooler and quieter. If they run well, all machines will get it. 

Next shots will be up and running and testing with lumber.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Holiday work

Time off and getting a lot done. Whole week to bring projects up to speed.

New hardware for trailer assembly, local supplier provided Grade 9 hardware to replace the old stuff . Not going to be stranded down old washboard and dirt roads with a broken bolt. $20 got it all.

Assembling everything before final paint

Repaint necessary after everything is fit together

Done and all straight

New fenders mounted

Rack mounts bolted in place and will allow removal of racks.

Got some work done on the jointer. Bearings pressed on cutterhead, table blasted clean ready for final assembly and paint

New tapered sheaves, no more keys. Will be perfectly smooth turning around 4000 rpm.

Motor sheave new and matched to cutterhead to provide correct rpm

1hp Leeson motor will provide lots of power

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Whole bunch of December stuff

Busy month but still managed to make forward progress on some stuff...

14' mid 50s Peterborough , Model 1814 Mermaid

Trailer hubs rebuilt

Spring and axle assembly on its way to finishing

Wanigan for the homeroom teacher

And one for the shop and resource teacher

Boys in da shop

Solid tips

Fantastic solo boat but a little small for adults..

Doesnt everyone carry around a canoe in December? 

Wow thats small!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

More boxes

Dont have any use for burned out old teachers, the kind unions protect while they act like entitled children and dont deliver the education children deserve. Again we've been fortunate to have 2 that are making a tremendous difference in helping our kids reach their full potential. Still time before xmas to make a few boxes, like my oldest asked to do. They even stepped up their contribution in the shop. First a super light all cedar, then a birdseye and black walnut one nearing completion. 

All cedar just after a coat of Tung oil, with ash rails

Plaking is alternating red and white cedar

Gluing up lid of figured maple and black walnut

Sides planed

Sides, ribs and planks stacked on the cruiser

Lots of dust, and comfortable shoes for a concrete floor. Asics gels in support of breast cancer research

Dust collector barrell full

Shaped, ready to mount after oil

Tung oil will prevent water stains during building

Nice colour contrast

Ready to build