Thursday, 1 March 2018

Model 50 done

Paint, final varnish and stembands. Shame we wont get to paddle it as its moving on.

 That great Model 50 shape, one of the Canadian Canoe Company's best

Front seat placement makes a great solo boat

Stern seat

Last touches, screws and washers in place of keel screws, as keel left off. 

Stem bands on

Ready to go

Grand Laker nearly done

Getting close to the water, we'll beat spring and be waiting. Almost done and ready

Grinding away loose fibreglass for patch with epoxy and glass , the last bit of damage done when the

Starting the sanding for new paint

Patch over both sides of stem

Half way there

Feathering in with fairing compound

Taped off for paint

Ready for Grand Lake Green

First coat done

Second coat of new varnish inside

Seat and spray rails left to do

6hp for looks

Will be replaced with a 9.8

Rails in place for fitting

Ash rails epoxy sealed and varnished

Evinrude 9.8 in place on transom on a Laker

Unit on trailer ready for water - next is the trailer rebuild

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Chestnut Playmate14'

A sunny day in between all the rain, hard to believe its February since its 63 degrees. Perfect day for a road trip to pickup up a nice little 14 footer in original canvas and finish.

 A stop at the outlet mall keeps everyone happy

14 footer from the 50s-60s, with small ribs and oak rails, decks and thwart
Remnants of original decal and painter ring

Oak decks, inner and outer rails, and steel screws throughout

Spliced outer rails, typical of the period

14' overall, 32" wide and 12" deep

Corded seats need to be re caned

Overall untouched from factory finish. 

Canvas rotted, to be replaced.  Might be best to put a new canvas, seat cane, freshen up the varnish and go paddling rather than the whole strip and refinish. Time will tell....