Sunday, 15 November 2015

Another 'glass repair

16' kevlar built by West Toronto Canoe about 30 years ago

Both ends were damaged, with hastily done resin repairs

Holed through to the foam in the end flotation compartments

Glass needs to come off

Serious crack along bilge on one side

Hits and repairs on bottom

Patch on the other end 

Polyester resin and patch lifting off, applied straight to gelcoat with no sanding to promote adhesion

Cleaned off ready for repairs, patching and keel felt

Secret weapon

Foam filled in

Hardening up, ready to be shaped

old patches near flotation chambers on keel

Cracks in keel and ribs

more glass removed waiting repairs

foam repairs shaped and 'glassed over, and felt skidplates on

Horizontal patch in place, second coat after faired in

Glass over foam is of course transparent, and visible through saturated felt. Plastic wrap in place, felt will be trimmed and excess removed when epoxy cured to green, before full cure

Next up is tube to be glassed into keel on the inside to stiffen hull and prepare ribs for minor glass repairs

3/4" diameter metal tube laid into keel depression to give longitudinal stiffness

Popular in some Scott canoes, it will help stop oilcanning and give extra strength to rib repairs

small side cracks done as well

Inside cracks from outward cracking running along outside at bilge

West Toronto Canoe, long out of business apparently but a nice touch with a built in carry handle and raised letter castings

A clean workbench is the sign of a sick mind... 2 part Epifances polyurethane in Black Green. Nice gloss and super hard when cured. 

First coat laid on

repairs hidden

Nice easy gloss

Skid plates covered

Almost done, inside paint and new seats and ready for the water in spring. 

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Wanigan for a Saturday afternoon

Fundraiser at the school, lets hope there's a couple of paddlers to push the price up.

cedar sides and lid , this one will be light! patriotic lighter too

Ye old steam generator

Heading to 200, the magic number

Steam is coming up

now its jumping

Ribs on

Alternating red and white cedar

Finished waiting to be oiled

oil, varnish, rope handles and lid and its done.

Moonlight restoration progress

Link to the Chestnut Moonlight restoration entry, update:

Gunwale tips done, deck mounted and deck crown enhanced 

Both ends done, small plank repairs next 

Small plank repairs to be done, hull reclenched and oiled. Canvas after varnish, then filled and set to harden over the winter

Seats repegged and glued, next is varnish and caning

Rear seat

Seats and thwarts oiled waiting for varnish 

Trailer progress/update

Link to here:

Quick visit to an old employer from 20+ year ago, and the parts went into a blast cabinet with a 6' table and in 3 minutes multiple layers of paint and rust are gone

Completely clean after the steel shot blasts it, light etch ready for primer and finish. 

Table from the Rockwell jointer project shiny and clean

Brackets and fittings


First coat of primer

Parts all primed

Everything coated, as once its bare steel it will rust even with elevated humidity.

Next up is assembly....

Finally it starts going back together

Clamp and drift for assembly

New clamps

Hardware to be replaced

Fender bar, also holds rails when set for a boat

Mocked up with rail in place

Stabilizer bars in place

Next is hubs, disassembly for paint and reassembly - silver and black most likely.
Racks to be assembled and welded and painted.
This one will be set for multiple canoes and kayaks, and as light as it is, will tow easily with the smallest of vehicles.