Saturday, 28 July 2018

Peterborough model 1434

A classified ad offering a Prospector canoe for $40 needing some work but solid? Had to check that one out. Genuine Prospectors dont show up that often, pleasure models are more typical. Today a drive to Peterborough yielded a Model 1434, not far from the Peterborough factory.

Peterborough's model 604 was made until the end of 1923 in two grades 1 and 2.
In 1924 it changed name to Otonabee (grade 1) and Rideau (grade 2). The Otonabee was produced until 1959.

In early 1930's the Rideau model became 16S. This model changed model name again in 1936 to High end Champlain # 26 P. In 1939 it became high end Champlain #1434. It was produced until 1955.

All above mentioned "models" were made on the same mold and had the measurements 16' x 33" x 12".

A quick stop at Tim Hortons after pickup

 Cant drive to Peterborough without a quick museum stop

 Back home and worth the trip

Original boat in its original canvas, solid and not abused

Most likely a wartime model, when cane for weaving seats was generally unavailable hence the slat seats

Typical offset centre thwart

Original varnish now alligatored, and nicely shaped stem end

 Outwales to be replaced, only part of the boat not solid

Slot screws thorughout

Slots and cup washers fastening shoe keel, never undone from new

Steel carriage bolts, likely another product of war time production
Two piece outwales spliced at the centre

 Maple decks 

Boat will be an easy and nice restoration, complete with nice vertical grain planking and original stembands and keel will go back on.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Minetta solo progress

Progress! Home stretch, final paint and varnish

Canvas on, filled and primed. Customers choice of colour, Epifanes version of Teal. Never used this one, but it looks great. 
Image result for epifanes teal enamel


First coat

Nice solid coverage

Handy having a test tank nearby

Great looking colour on the water

Cherry outwales on, varnish next

 Final varnish coats left, and brass stem bands.

Picard Huron Canoe

 Native built canoes from Quebec were, and continue to be made, in significant numbers. Much less refined that past large manufacturers, they pay homage to earlier birch bark builds, with features like gunwale caps reminiscent of bark canoes. While more crudely built, they have great hull shapes and are a pleasure to paddle. When one showed up needing canvas and a freshening up for a more than reasonable price, we jumped at it. Just under 14' long, and with a moderate width it will make a great solo or good boat for two smaller paddlers. 

Load er up!
Great shape

Solid tips, rails and gunwale caps. Stem bands not broken and no rot

Typical heart decks, and gunwale caps covering rails and deck joint

Going home, summer project

Original canvas is done

Keel off, canvas removed

Get that pigeon poop out. Indoor storage prevented any rot. Great solid boat

Arrowhead deck and rail joints, similar to Grand Lake Stream canoes, St Louis canoes and others

Snowshoe gut seats

Maple thwarts

Picard decal

Solid, in need of sanding and revarnishing.

Sealer coats before canvas put on

Canvas going on, then fill and paint coming up

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Chestnut Bobs Special - Grey Owls canoe

Not the actual one, but the model he used in his later years. First built in the teens through to the last years of the late 70s, this model at 15' had a flat bottom and had a 37" beam making it very stable. Originally marketed as a 50 pound canoe, there were several versions and grades. 1/4" thick ribs helped keep the weight down, along with a single thwart and low sheer. 
For anyone unfamiliar, an internet search will generate an excess of information on Grey Owl, one of the most influential Canadian conservationists and author. In fact an Englishman named Archie Belaney, his story came out after his death. 
Couldnt pass this one up since we've not had one yet, and only needing some tip work and a smashed rib replaced from a whitewater foray it will be a relatively quick and easy restoration.

Distinctive low ends and flat sheer, with little rocker
Previous owner removed canvas and rails, and in an unusual twist the rails and keel are useable and will go back on
Nice day to retrieve a boat from Kitchener, Ontario
Necessary stop for pie.
Instantly recongizable as a Chestnut Bobs
Grey Owl in front of his cabin
Beamy, yet the thwart is 1-2" too short as there is a slightly flat run along the gunwale where the thwart pulls the sides in
Wide and stable enough for a beaver to board
Another shot showing the stability and width

Stable enough to stand in, should you need to , even to pole it.

Stembands intact and resusable
Side decals on the original canvas denotes a build from the mid 60s forward
Fredericton decal, putting the boat ahead of the last days when the factory was moved to Oromocto . Maple deck with plain cut out - to be replaced with the earlier style crowned deck with heart cut out
Hardwood keel, installed to add some strength and rigidity to the lightly built hull
In later years several wood species would be used in one boat, this one was built with maple decks, ash thwart and seats, spruce rails and oak outer rails.

History of the name to follow, just a quick post for now.