Saturday 15 September 2018

Crawford Swampscott Dory

And just like that, a production hull from the Massachusetts coast turns up needing to be finished and trimmed out. Made by Crawford Boatbuilding, an exceptional design of a traditional craft, with an increased beam and a motor well cut out of the transom for a small outboard.
Never finished by the original purchaser, and moved on to the last owner, this will be an enjoyable winter project for sailing in the spring. A day off, a beautiful spring day and a road trip to collect it made for a great trip east of Madawaska, east of Algonquin on hwy 60.

 At 16' and with positive flotation in both ends, it tips the scales at around 300lbs

 Just need to roll it and get it on the trailer - no small feat

 Nice and beamy , centerboard case molded in
 Loaded and ready to roll

 Motor well in transom

Rudder supplied with hull

 Sealed end chambers
Early production hull with stepped centerboard case

Motor well from top

 Made it home

 21st hull, 6th sailing model, made in April 1977. Info provided by Roger Crawford, who was gracious enough to provide info and talk about the hull, fitting out, and the business in general. Now producing Melonseed sailboats, this is still in the stable though not produced often these days after a run of around 200 hulls
 Found off of a facebook page, with a fantastic paint job and finish. Just might have to scuff up the gelcoat and go for this colour combination

 99 foot spritsail. Hull came with Mast and sprit boom.

Nice shallow water sailing - board up of course!

 Heavy as it is, needed to build a dolly for moving it around
 Time for some instruction on tool basics.

 Next , transfer the hull to the dolly and gather the materials for trimming.