Sunday 13 January 2019

Summer and fall shots

With winter temps below zero, some reminders of summer and fall are in order. Warmer temps will be back soon enough, nothing to do but enjoy winter and hope for enough snowfall to ski and snowshoe.

Temagami Special update

Temagami Canoe Festival was cancelled due to forest fires, and the restoration had stalled so we got a pass. Now its time to get back to it and finish it off. Boat has been stripped, 2 coats of varnish put on and sanded, seats caned and was wrapped in canvas that turned out to be defectve and so was shelved. Now we blow the dust off and get back to it so it will b ready for spring. 
Below are some shots of the restoration in progress. 

 The ugly business of stripping old varnish

 Seats and thwarts had owners name in paint. Called to ask John at Temagami Canoe Company if Bill Smith might have done this during build, he didnt know. Called the owner and he said it would have been his father , lying on his back, painting his name if the event the boat was ever taken.

White oak seats
 Butternut decks, typical gunwale end rot

 Stripped interior

 Stripped decks

 Stripped decks

 Stripped boat ready for repairs and varnish

Oval deck outline
 Red Pine rails
 Cleaning hull to tacks and staples

 Canvas job done by John Killbridge 20+ years ago. Boat has been left out a lot, so ready for redoing. 

 Tip work needed

Butternut decks and red pine rails have stood up as well, or better than typical woods like spruce, ash and cedar.

Saturday 5 January 2019

Shop stuff

Flea market find, a few Stanley 'handyman' planes from the low end of their line up. Handy to have around when theyre sharp for a spare if one gets nicked or dull.  Not every job needs a high end bronze plane

$6 apiece, couldnt leave them alone

Some of the fleet

Rails off for epoxy sealing on the backside and lower edge

After 8+ years the Blue Max batteries finally refused to take a charge. Bosch tools perform great, and these saw hard use including an extensive house renovation. On to the new 20v units. Not as powerful but much lighter and easier to balance. 

Lots of Mahogany dust....

Drawings, full steam ahead

Tube arrived from Mass, courtesy of Roger |Crawford who was kind enough to send drawings and measurements for fitting out the dory, including the sail rig.

Drawings, templates and measurements. 

Lots of details, completion will be sped up considerably


Tuesday 1 January 2019

Wheels for the Dory

How to handle a 350lb bare hull? Easy, build a frame to hold it- if it never moves from one space. Taking up a third of the floor space shared with other projects and machinery, it needs to be mobile. A flat bottom makes it easier to handle, so another afternoon was given to teaching safety and the basics.

Measure twice, just to be sure
Squaring lines for framing

  Fun with the impact driver

On with the casters, locking swivels for up front

Screwing down the decking, and reusing a piece of osb

 Easy to move

From inside to outside and back in again

From here, measurements can be taken to set up a trailer to handle it.