Sunday 8 April 2012

FOR SALE: Canadian Canoe Company Balmy/Chestnut Chum

A nice, early 1960s 15 footer showing typical deck tip and gunwale end rot, so typical of cedar canvas boats left outside throughout the seasons, and/or upside down on the ground. The rest of the boat is in excellent shape with no broken ribs or plank repairs required. This model is very similar to the 15' Chestnut Chum, made famous by Omer Stringer, as well as the Peterborough Minetta. At one time Chestnut was manufacturing these for all three companies, and several characteristics about this one show it was made in Fredericton.

More photo updates to follow, as boat is ready for canvas. 
For those seeking an excellent, proven boat for solo tripping, style paddling or a leisurely paddle with a boat easily handled by one person, this one is for sale.

Tips done and new decks in place, boat has been stripped, oiled and has a third coat of varnish currently, on its way to 5.

Choice of colours can be at buyers discretion, for more information please inquire.

While we were going to opt for a more traditional red or green, another customers boat came in and Epifanes Burgundy enamel was chosen. We liked it so much the Chum is waiting on its final coat before gunwales and stembands complete it. All that will be left is to cane the seats before it hits the water.

While the Prospector is only a foot longer, it dwarfs the Chum!

All done, seats are being caned and stembands going on. Epifanes #23 burgundy, looks terrific. Water testing is next, and awaiting a new owner.

Next up is this 50s/60s era Chum, and to choose another great colour

Update: Both Chums sold!

Finished Burgundy boat; second sold as is, owner to restore
An example of the kind of transformation that can happen...