Thursday 26 April 2012

New Floorboards for the Cedarstrip

Because of the many small and higher ribs in a cedarstrip canoe vs a cedar canvas, they typically have floorboards both to make kneeling and sitting on the bottom more comfortable, as well as to spread the weight over a greater area. This particular boat is equipped with kneeling thwarts, but showed up without boards so a new set is in order.
First a 12' clear white cedar board is selected, although basswood was a popular material as well. It then gets split in two, after a trip through the bandsaw on the resaw blade.  Note outfeed rollers or a table were not available, so we stop the first person passing by and press them into service..
The resultant boards, book matched. They wil be shaped, varnished and put in place with brass clips screwed into the ribs.

The morning was cold, but spring is definitely on its way.
New boards shaped and awaiting varnish. To be installed with original style brass clips, then new stem bands and the launch.
Cedar boards are a nicer alternative than the basswood originally used, with a much nicer grain.

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