Wednesday 21 March 2018

Time for another solo canoe project

Decision time has come and gone. With only so much time available and summer fast approaching, time to decide what to work on, what will get done, and what will get enjoyed through spring and summer as free time gives way to activity. 
New build on the form has been put off; time spent readying the Grand Laker for summer pushed a new build back, to where it wont get finished for spring. We'll work on that to ready it for fall. The solo boat turned out to be so much fun,and got so much use we need another. Post here: 

At a fraction of the cost of a new one, while the hull design might not be modern and the weight heavier than modern composites, the old hand laid glass hulls are solid and do pretty well all around. 
Single keel hulls are uncommon compared to the poorly built 3 keel hulls made with chopper guns so when this one popped up for a song we snapped it up.
An easy project that'll be ready as soon as consistent -shirt weather arrives.

A familiar site on the van

34" width, will be pulled in to 31-32"

 Nice shape, small keel

 Aluminum decks coming off

 Aluminum rails, coming off

Tubular steel thwart - definitely coming off

Snazzy blue seats. Already off

This one is hers

Nice lines, will pull into a nice shape

Nice solo from Clipper, not sure yet if we'll go with a hung seat or a kayak style like the first one

 Nova Craft solo, sweet shape

Time to get the pressure washer out, then:

drill rivets and take off rails, decks and thwart
grind off seat mounts and smooth interior
felt skid plates
paint inside of hull
sand outside of hull, paint with 2 part urethane
wood rails inner and outer
fit decks, thwarts
varnish all
mount seat
go paddling...

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