Friday 30 March 2018

Solo update and progress

 Most of the dirty work is done. Old paint sanded, damage repaired,wood parts laminated.
 Hull was painted with super thick paint, which has alligatored over time. Its well adhered to the hull, so only needs surface prep. Hull would need to be sanded in any event, so hasnt added much work. 2 cracks in the hull were damaged and repaired. Inside was cleaned with the pressure washer, and the old seat hangers cut off and the hull faired. Thwarts and decks have been laminated ready for shaping and a seat ordered. Next is paint and assembly.

Tough old paint

Surface prep and damage

Repairs done

 22' of clear ash

Roasted ash for accents


Thwarts and carry thwarts ready for shaping


Decks to be profiled

Felt for skid plates, to protect fiberglass ends when beaching or from impacts

Cut and shaped

Taped off

Soaked and positioned

Hull colours in 2 part polyurethane

Seat supports cut off

Hull cleaned

Supports faired in

Repairs faired, hull ready for primer

 After hull paint and wood parts assembled, seat base to be fabricated and installed