Wednesday 12 April 2017

Pack canoe done - photos of the process

An earlier post shows the boat as we got it, here's the process it took to get it to the finished process

Taking off the aluminum rails, drilling out rivets

Old rails, kinked in the middle from too wide a thwart

Boat stripped out

What gave the boat its not-so-nice shape

Ready for a change of shape, by altering the sheer. Boat will be paddled from the bottom on a kayak seat, so the middle needs to be dropped. 

Cherry parts being milled

Thwarts dry fitted

Inner and outer wales being fastened

Decks and thwarts fitted

Felt skid plates going on both ends

Final sanding

First coat of varnish

New sheer, nicer shape

Inside with new paint

Finished ready for paint

Cherry seat base bonded to bottom

Swift Canoes seat, super comfortable

Seat folds and secures for road travel or storage

Fall paddle on the Muskoka River

Stable enough, without having to conform to kayak decks

Colour will be changed to white, with 2 part polyurethane paint. All done for a fraction of the cost of a new or gently used packboat. Perfect for those that prefer a double paddle over a single.