Saturday 31 March 2018

New Solo - setting the shape

Using a 20 or 30 year old fiberglass hull, we wont approach the slick underwater hull shapes on current pack boats like these, designed for Swift by designer extraordinaire David Yost. The 14' hull has a depth of 11.5" and a max width of 28" and gunwale width of 24".  Our hull will be pulled into a shade over 28" wide, and its depth lowered to around 11.5" as it actually gained height as its pulled narrower. Luckily it has a very shallow keel, which wont hurt performance much as it will be used with a double paddle rather than single blade. 
Not near as slick, but functional and 1/7 the price. Off we go..

Rivets drilled out, rails coming off

One side relaxed, one to go

Paint line will be used to drop side height

Bow to be lowered

Bow and stern to be lowered along with mid section

One coat of inside and outside paint on, final coats on after boat is railed and trimmed

Tumblehome accentuated as boat is pulled in, need to cut bevels on backside of inner rails

Next is cut new sheer, lower ends and rail the hull.

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