Sunday 16 September 2012

Traditional Wanigans

Wanigans have been used for canoe tripping almost as long as anyone can remember, and traditionally take two shapes, square or rounded approximating the shape of a canoes interior and turn at the bilges. Acquaintances prefer the former, and i make the latter - admittedly they have become fancier and smaller, more suited perhaps to furniture but nevertheless faithful to canoe construction with steam bent white cedar ribs, fastened with brass tacks and planked with a variety of woods, ranging from white and red cedar to basswood, cypress and redwood. Below are construction shots at different stages and finished products of all types of wood.
Ribs out of the steam box
Ready to be ribbed
Planking going on
Cherry, purple heart and walnut top, walnut ash and cherry centre, ash and purpleheart bottom

Varnish going on, the best part of any build or restoration

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