Sunday 22 July 2018

Picard Huron Canoe

 Native built canoes from Quebec were, and continue to be made, in significant numbers. Much less refined that past large manufacturers, they pay homage to earlier birch bark builds, with features like gunwale caps reminiscent of bark canoes. While more crudely built, they have great hull shapes and are a pleasure to paddle. When one showed up needing canvas and a freshening up for a more than reasonable price, we jumped at it. Just under 14' long, and with a moderate width it will make a great solo or good boat for two smaller paddlers. 

Load er up!
Great shape

Solid tips, rails and gunwale caps. Stem bands not broken and no rot

Typical heart decks, and gunwale caps covering rails and deck joint

Going home, summer project

Original canvas is done

Keel off, canvas removed

Get that pigeon poop out. Indoor storage prevented any rot. Great solid boat

Arrowhead deck and rail joints, similar to Grand Lake Stream canoes, St Louis canoes and others

Snowshoe gut seats

Maple thwarts

Picard decal

Solid, in need of sanding and revarnishing.

Sealer coats before canvas put on

Canvas going on, then fill and paint coming up

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