Saturday 28 July 2018

Peterborough model 1434

A classified ad offering a Prospector canoe for $40 needing some work but solid? Had to check that one out. Genuine Prospectors dont show up that often, pleasure models are more typical. Today a drive to Peterborough yielded a Model 1434, not far from the Peterborough factory.

Peterborough's model 604 was made until the end of 1923 in two grades 1 and 2.
In 1924 it changed name to Otonabee (grade 1) and Rideau (grade 2). The Otonabee was produced until 1959.

In early 1930's the Rideau model became 16S. This model changed model name again in 1936 to High end Champlain # 26 P. In 1939 it became high end Champlain #1434. It was produced until 1955.

All above mentioned "models" were made on the same mold and had the measurements 16' x 33" x 12".

A quick stop at Tim Hortons after pickup

 Cant drive to Peterborough without a quick museum stop

 Back home and worth the trip

Original boat in its original canvas, solid and not abused

Most likely a wartime model, when cane for weaving seats was generally unavailable hence the slat seats

Typical offset centre thwart

Original varnish now alligatored, and nicely shaped stem end

 Outwales to be replaced, only part of the boat not solid

Slot screws thorughout

Slots and cup washers fastening shoe keel, never undone from new

Steel carriage bolts, likely another product of war time production
Two piece outwales spliced at the centre

 Maple decks 

Boat will be an easy and nice restoration, complete with nice vertical grain planking and original stembands and keel will go back on.