Sunday 19 August 2018

Bartering a canoe for art

Not just any old art, but a custom piece of a photo taken in Temagami when the first pre fire cruiser replica was put in the water. Julia Veenstra is an artist with a studio in Hamilton, who's work we've long admired.
 A casual mention of canoes while discussing a piece, and minutes later we've entered into a barter arrangement for a boat for her husbands birthday. Living on the lake, everyone needs a wood and canvas canoe to get out on the water. The colour is a stock Epifanes colour i've never used, and it showed off the patina of the cedar nicely, and made the cherry really pop.
Boat was delivered, recipient was happy and the painting is incredible. 

Ready for solo paddling with infant Grandkids, with carpet and curly maple and white oak seat

Preview of painting in process, looking great

Doug's new boat

Julia handing it over. So talented...

Original photo

Finished painting - need a better shot with better light but rushed to hang it.