Tuesday 24 April 2018

Another solo canoe!

Like deja vu all over again. Same boat pops up, we jump on it! 

11' long, perfect for a pack boat with a single seat and a double bladed 

Even yellow like the first one

Same seats, thwart and decks

Even has the same kinked aluminum gunwales from too wide a thwart!

This one traveled with movers at one time it seems

Way too wide for just 11', after the rails come off the hull relaxes, then when it gets new wood rails it will narrow to 28 or 29"

Coming apart

Lots of rivets to drill out

Deck off, lots of dirt ! But no rot like wood boats

Gunwale kink from extra width introduced with thwart

First rail coming off. As with all glass and composite hulls, the sides are floppy until the rails stiffen up the structure. 

Bare hull. Ugly flat sheer, to be cut down to lower the middle and just overall look better

Another solo seat is on order

Hull is bare, next is cut down the sheer to give it some shape like the red one. The first one is up top, after it colour change to white.

Just a great compact single.

Hull will be pulled in considerably

Next up: white ash rails, purpleheart decks and thwarts, paint and go padding