Sunday 17 December 2017

Grand Laker canoe !

From and a post by Robin Lauer, a fan of Chestnut canoes, to whom we passed on a Chum a few years back:

Grand Lakers are to eastern Maine's Grand Lake Stream area what drift boats are to the great fishing rivers out west. They came about in the 1920's or so, Guides would get their big 20 foot traditional canoes towed up lakes via lumber steam barges with clients (Sports) and paddle back fishing for trout and salmon.

When outboard motors came about, they added a square back transom, but still kept the ability to paddle a Sport into quiet coves to fly cast for the fish. Today, the Grand Laker is the boat of choice for guides in the Grand Lake Stream area and the Sports are attracted to these craft as they where almost 100 years ago.

Still being built by a select few, and a bargain for the amount of work and materials that go into them, between the exchange and other projects acquiring one has been out of reach until recently.
 Dale Tobey, builder and restorers of Grand Lakers as well as guiding out of them, offered up a boat needing some repairs and restoration at a price too good to be true, and when he offered to deliver it closer to relatives to keep our drive down it was a done deal.

Dale guiding. The boats handle a 10 hp engine with ease. 

At work in his shop

Registered Maine Master Guide
Hunting and Fishing. Specializing in Bear and Bobcat hunts with hounds.
Dale Tobey
Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668

More shots of Grand Lakers in their element in Maine

Heading back to the garage until the new year when we can take a road trip
 Could have used a bigger trailer for  the  200lb boat

Waiting for pickup with rail stock tied in

New rails and a few ribs and refinishing and it will be ready this spring

At 19ft long and 4' wide, theres lots of room for kids, fishing and camping gear


Just what Northern Ontario lakes and rivers need

The lightest 4 stroke 9.8hp, after breaking in this past summer its a great match  for the hull. Quiet, light and great on fuel.
More to come once it arrives in the shop.