Thursday 28 December 2017

Trailer build

Need a trailer for the 20' Grand Laker for next spring, the trailer we have is way overbuilt for a boat under 200 lbs, and heavier than it need be.  A lightly sprung boat trailer is in order, but altered and stretched to accommodate the length.

Nicely fit trailer above

Nice lightweight trailer, but too much hanging off the back to support a 90lb engine for the longer trips we'll be doing

Supported transom, nice unit

Lengthened to fit, maybe a bit overbuilt

EZ Loader model, this one galvanized and close to $1500 all in and still needing modification. We'll be a third of that all in.

Dragged this POS home with no spare and one light working. Apparently was in the mood for risk taking during a 2 hour drive. Thank you Kijiji ? lol
Made it okay, which is good since there was no real back up plan. 

Bolted together frame, will be totally dismantled, blasted clean and painted, and reassembled with new hardware. 

How do you bend the crappy welded on jack?

Likely the same mishap that bend the coupler. 1 7/8, will be changed to 2" when the new longer tongue is put on 

New LED lights will take care of this sweet wiring harness

Overall solid,  just not pretty.

Half way to making it home

Nice quality finned hubs

5 bolt hubs, 12" tires will fit great, or any combination of rim/tire with a 4 1/2" on center pattern. 

First is knocking it down...

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