Monday 18 December 2017

Equipment upgrades

A great deal came around and has allowed us to upgrade to a 2hp dust collector from the current 1hp unit, and to move from 110v to 220.

The biggest improvement is the 2hp 220v planer, up considerably from a bench top Ridgid that uses replaceable blades that are designed to not be able to be resharpened. Besides the cost and flimsier construction, it struggled with larger hardwoods and was at capacity. This is a vast improvement

A shaper is a great new addition for making pieces like gunwales. Looking forward to using this in the future.

Nice big old Walker Turner jointer, still tagged DND, Department of National Defence and obviously sold of as surplus. Likely move this on to a new owner as we've already rebuilt a Delta thats in use.


220v motors, always good to have and hard to find at good prices , even the offshore units. Tuck these away for the future

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