Sunday 9 August 2015

Form Progress update

After a hectic spring and summer, new projects are all put on hold and efforts will be directed at the form until its ready for stems, gunwales and ribs to be bent on. This week the gunwale backers are bent, with extra curve for springback, to help them take the heavy bend from midships to the stem tip. 

Bending foms, with extra curve. 

18' stock, bent to take the bends for the 16' boat. Ash for the backers, to take the spruce rails.

High tech aluminum downspout for a tube. 

The most reliable of steam generators

Steam rising

On its way to 210 degrees

Soaking in the pool for a day or two..

Nothing more useful than a B&D Workmate

Have to start milling ribs and planks and rails. Thwarts and seats and decks will be started next week, determined to have a boat off this fall and ready for spring ice out. 

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