Saturday 29 August 2015

Peterborough Model 1815 Minetta

The van grabs another one, but no camera was handy before it was unloaded. 
Today's find is a great little 15 footer, completely original. Up until recently it seems to have lived a charmed life, built some time in the late 1950s to 60s, it still wears its original canvas, seat caning and in fact all of its finish. One outer gunwale end is cracked, and its time for new canvas. The interior varnish is fine, after a light sanding it will shine after a couple of new coats. This will be a great solo boat, or tandem for kids or smaller adults. Ready for spring 2016, all it needs is the new colour chosen. Perhaps a new owner will make the choice, otherwise we'll choose an Epifanes colour for its newly filled canvas when its ready. 

Single thwart 15'

Decal and painter

Factory caning, bow seat

Stern seat

Stem stamps

Stern gunwales

Only damage, outer gunwales which are D shaped in profile. Much of the dark staining seems to be due to the boat having been wet. Now dried, once sanded the wood will be bleached and oiled to remove the staining and return  it to its natural colour.

Next is new canvas, cane, interior sand and varnish and paint colour to be chosen.

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