Sunday 9 August 2015

Random Kool photos

Crawling old photo cards, a few random shots for fun.

Dove gray paint job, on a Champlain i used to own. In the background is AG's handbuilt pram, historically correct down to the copper rivets and sail rig. 

Georgian Bay on an overcast day.

Georgian bay sunset from the canoe

Sunset from the shore. 

16/30 off Killbear. Need some more seat time in it soon...


One of the only Old Towns i've found in Ontario, from an estate in Muskoka not far from Millionaires row, and the worse for wear. 

Nice AA grade canoe trimmed in Mahogany, with sponsons. Sadly it was fiberglassed and spent too much time grinding away on rocks after it got free and floated away and sank. Too far gone to be a candidate for restoration with no real provenance to warrant the work 

Nice shape,  but sent down the road eventually

3 boats recanvassed and filled. 15' Chum on top, 16' Prospector middle and a 17' Cruiser bottom

Bow and nameplate from a late '80s Fraser, before restoration. From Keewaydins fleet, it was in fantastic original condition with no repairs. 

Georgian Bay. Dont know how this would score with professionals, but sometimes a point and shoot does some kool stuff with an image. 

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