Sunday 12 November 2017

Traveller form progress

Bands are off, ready to be faired. New steel has been sheared into strips, and new gunwale backers milled.

One of the problems to be corrected is that the bands dont lay flat, and the nail in the middle didnt help as they already were not tight

Hooking the bands under the bottom of the strip planking also was not tight enough to keep the bands tight to the form

 Besides the bands not being fit tight, the form is not faired smooth so the bands wont lay completely flat
 Growing pile of banding

Loose enough to get the aviation snips under

 Getting there

 Wrecking tools - no finesse here

 At the other end

 A few spots to repair

 Ready to be faired

Repairs, fair the form, new steel bands, gunwale backers and we can set the stems and rails and begin building.