Sunday 12 November 2017

Form tune up and new build

Time for a winter build, a new tripping canoe. Once the snow flies the sawdust will be flying the shop for a spring launch. The Atkinson Traveller, designed by Rollin Thurlow draws heavily from the early Maine guide canoes, designed for river and lake travel loaded for days or weeks.

Classic Maine shape
 Loaded for tripping with , what else, canvas packs

 Nice fair hull

 Form to be tuned up

 New bands are sheared to  2.5", ready to go on after the old ones come off

 Loose bands arent the best for building, they create the risk of bounce and tacks not clenching properly

 Nice looking traveller, well travelled and used. Boat has a great vintage look for a newer built boat

 Old wisdom always said not to stand in a canoe, but in Maine and out east wide, flat bottoms in canoes lend themselves to being poled, especially in shallows. 

The Travellers popularity extends to countries where North American canoe culture has many followers, this example is from Germany

All we have to do now is assemble it.....