Saturday 25 November 2017

Peterborough Minetta solo build

A 15' with great lines, these make terrific solo canoes, as they can be too small for two adults. Decal dates this boat from after 1954 as it has the anniversary decal, and would have been built by Chestnut in Fredericton for Peterborough.
 Anniversary decal remnants, and typical stem tip and gunwale end rot

 Intact decal

 Often these boats have far too short a centre thwart; whereas it should be 32" wide this one comes in at 29" and the flat run and pull in is evident in this shot. Shape is totally distorted

 This boat is built at 13.5 inches deep, where it should be between 11.5 and 12", far too deep and seats too high

 Boat shows 1815 stamp, denoting Minetta model, same as Chestnut Chum and Canadian Canoe Company Balmy models

 Standard maple seats, to be removed

 Ironically the rib tops are solid in this boat, but new rails will be installed below the existing, and the ribs cut below the old rails to lower the depth, returning the boat to the more correct depth, and providing for better handling as the paddling position is lowered

 The boat will also be turned into a solo canoe, like the above example. 

 Another example of a solo conversion, for an afternoon or extended trip

 A Chum modeled after Omer Stringers iconic Chestnut 15' in which he performed some of his great solo padding and demonstrations

 Gorgeous 15' solo boat built by Alex Comb at Stewart River
More updates to come as work progresses