Monday 14 August 2017

Peterborough Iroquois (Chestnut Maiden)

 Introduced in 1922 and built into the '50s, this Chestnut Indian Maiden has proved elusive in the marketplace. We've passed on a few that either were made up to look like one but were'nt genuine, or had been treated poorly or fiberglassed. This week we finally got lucky, and located a Peterborough Iroquois. 
Brought back out for the 1960-61 year and built by Chestnut for Peterborough, their version was named the Iroquois.  Technically a Maiden, its built with spruce inner gunwales, cedar decks, maple seats and thwarts and hardwood outer wales, the Chestnut Indians had been trimmed in mahogany

  As found in original canvas

 A narrow, fast boat at 32" wide and 16' overall

Cedar decks
 Oak outer wales

 Nice shape, easy restoration

Solid seat caning on maple frames. Decks have hardwood coamings as well
 Heavily recurved stems, cant ribs just visible. 

 Silver Peterborough decal on bow deck, with painter ring.
Toughest choice will be what colour to paint it when done....

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