Sunday 17 September 2017

Spruce rails for a new Cruiser build

To the woodpile for some long spruce, this second build will be true to the originals with lighter weight spruce rails. 

18' mostly clear stock, small knots can be hidden behind ribs and behind decks. Second grade boats allowed small imperfections, so long as they didnt affect the stength of the boat. 

Lots of potential rail stock

Last dip in the pool before its closed for winter - rails need to soak up before steaming for bending before mounting on the form

After this build, the next one will be made with hardwood rails and will be set up for sailing. Just completed is a batwing style hybrid lateen sail made by Todd Bradshaw of Addiction Sailmakers in Wisconsin. So much nicer looking than a standard lateen sail, total area is approx 49 sq feet. Now to find some 18' mahogany.
More to come on this project...