Monday 31 July 2017

More trailer mods

 Shiny and new, our trailer is looking tough these days.  One set of racks is good for two boats, but a second set will be fabricated along with lengthening the tongue to keep the boats centered with less hanging off the back.

Needs a tool box up front for spare, jack and tools.
Bearings are due, the last trip they were getting warm so they got overloaded with grease as a precaution. After 4 years a little overdue...

 Due for an overall sanding and painting as well

 Coupler cut off, new one waiting along with new chains. A sleeve and a 30" extension will mean more room, back up maneouvrability and a relocated jack . 

 Fender stripped, rest to go.

Hubs off waiting for new races and bearings

updates to follow...

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