Sunday 28 May 2017

Trailer mods and a paint job for the upcoming fishing season

New trailer, needing a few small mods to fit the Peenoe

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Originally built for a 21' expedition row boat. Eventually made the journey from the coastal US to Australia. The website chronicles this incredible journey and accomplishment. 

Last summer, with a 6hp Johnson

Pushing away, not bad for a 1966 model, though not enough power to cross the lake quickly
Boat slides though the water nicely, and gets its stability from the flared design

 The reason for the effort

As received, the 16' doesnt fill up the 21' the trailer was fit for. Tongue weight was too heavy as the axle was too far back and the taillight rails were too far back, as for the boat below. 

 Rails cut off, to be welded back and taillights put back on

 Axle and springs moved ahead 18"

 Better balance

 Lots of help

 Ready to be welded up, boat to be sanded and prepped for paint

 Sanded and wiped down

Super wide midsection

Paint of choice, terrible fumes but hard as nails when cured
New power, 4 stroke clean and quite, and lightest in its class at 81lbs. 

 Narrow stern holding a 9.8

Another shot, width of boat gives it stability and 10hp rating