Sunday 28 May 2017

Canadian |Canoe Company model 50, new project


 Right out of the weeds, after sitting for years. Soaking wet right through.

 On the van headed home

CCCo deck decal remants

 Before the highway canvas peel

 What canvas didnt come off on the drive back was taken off 

 Muck and dirt to be power washed out

 Years of grime and dirt

 This will be the apprentices project

 Washed out and drying, has the great lines of the model 50.  My favourite paddling canoe for solo paddling and trips, this is an early one with wide 4" planking, nice and tight from the factory. in the late 1930s the boats were well built.

 Drying out nicely

 Next will be the chemical strip, carpentry work and bleaching and oiling

Dried out and ready for restoration
 Sleek and fast

To be updated when work begins