Wednesday 12 April 2017

Early EM White canoe

Probably blogged this before, but too lazy to check and these early Maine guide canoes are so nice. Jerry Stelmok at Island Falls Canoe is still making several versions , his 18' an incredible wilderness tripping canoe. We brought this example back from Maine. It needs much work, the centre section having several broken or smashed ribs, and gunwale breaks.  Still, it retains its classic shape, and has the original bronze oval deck plate, and the brass cutwaters unique to these canoes are intact on each stem and in great shape. This example is dated to the early 1920s, and after restoration will be a great paddler for an afternoon or a week. 
Below are pictures of it as collected. 

Ready for the trip back to Ontario

Sticks out a little at 18' 

Long slender canoe shows its length on a minivan

Classic sheer and shape

Modern version still being built

Classic gunwale tips extending beyond the stem

Slender decks

Original oval plate

Remnants of metal guard on tips

Rotted tips to be restored

Nice shape despite broken gunwales

Carry thwart 

Brass stem covers

Half width cant ribs

#2 in the que for restoration