Monday 10 April 2017

Chestnut Cruiser first build, and first off the form

First build on the form goes at a mad rush, with large periods of inactivity. The purpose is to build a good quality boat, but the priority is to pull it from the form quickly to determine if there are any areas to be changed, where it may not be faithful to the original. It all starts with rib stock and plaking

Ribs in the early Chestnut, like many early boats, had a heavy taper on the top of the ribs. Shown is a table saw sled, set to make 2 lengths of tapers

Taper offcuts

Ribstock, and strongback seen on form

Soak and boil tank, resting on trailer tongue and bars. 

Ribbed, up to the ends. Stems on next

Very early photo of what appears to be an EM White

General planer project awaiting completion

Soak tank is awkward and rolls around, time for some supports


Ribbed, strong back gone for planking

First plank

Thumbs up as it comers off the form

Ready for the next one

Big change in sheer and ends from 1950s Chestnut

Cutting 8/4 maple for decks 

Closing in the ends

Time to make a chip chute!

Deck stock

Fitting decks

Stock left to crown the top

Cut out

Thwarts and seats

Deck fit

Thwarts, next is seats and canvas