Saturday 31 October 2015

Trailer progress/update

Link to here:

Quick visit to an old employer from 20+ year ago, and the parts went into a blast cabinet with a 6' table and in 3 minutes multiple layers of paint and rust are gone

Completely clean after the steel shot blasts it, light etch ready for primer and finish. 

Table from the Rockwell jointer project shiny and clean

Brackets and fittings


First coat of primer

Parts all primed

Everything coated, as once its bare steel it will rust even with elevated humidity.

Next up is assembly....

Finally it starts going back together

Clamp and drift for assembly

New clamps

Hardware to be replaced

Fender bar, also holds rails when set for a boat

Mocked up with rail in place

Stabilizer bars in place

Next is hubs, disassembly for paint and reassembly - silver and black most likely.
Racks to be assembled and welded and painted.
This one will be set for multiple canoes and kayaks, and as light as it is, will tow easily with the smallest of vehicles.