Sunday 6 April 2014

A trailer rebuild for under the 16/30

Why dont i get more time on my 16/30? Good question! likely because its so heavy, around 150lbs, and hard to maneuver on and off a trailer, and into the water. 

The solution? A nice, vintage lightweight trailer. Love those aircraft type full fenders, have to try to find a set. Trailers such as these are light enought to be pulled by any vehicle, and when unhooked can be moved about by hand, taking care of the need for a launch dolly. So we bought one for $150, hard to find since everyone that has one thinks they are worth $500+. Problem is, they are decades old, rusted and with old hardware, old paint and generally in need of a rebuild. 

Ours has lots of rust under lots of paint.

Old worn bearings, tires, and harware

Bumpy roads and some good travel distances dictate we do a complete rebuild, or risk being stranded. 

Air tools, vice grips and smashed knuckles and cuts galore. 

Original brown,under many coats

Getting there, almost ready for the blaster

Next steps, blasting, painting and reassembly.

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