Thursday 3 May 2012


Occaisionally we stray from wood boats to work on modern craft, and this fiberglass canoe came to us after having been blown off the dock during a storm and battered against the rocky shore for a day or so.
 Both stems were holed, and the body had several cracks and breaks, from as small as a quarter to 6" and more in length.
 After grinding through the gelcoat, epoxy and glass were used to reconstruct sections.

Paches on, the boat was faired and sanded in preparation for hi-build primer.
After paint, the top section will be reinstalled along with new gunwales to match the old, and the wood trim varnished.

Final photos to follow, and a boat destined for landfill will have a  new lease on life.


New gunwales, paint and she's ready for the water again. 
Now to clean the green off all of the sanders....

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