Monday 9 October 2017

Temagami Special Restoration begun

A beautiful October day for a visit to the birthplace of the canoe whose restoration we're beginning. Built here in 1946 by Bill Smith who put this building up in the early 30s, its a wonderful time capsule of the canoe building that took place for decades, and is carried on today by John.

Substantial restoration on a 1930s canoe.

As collected from the son of the original owner, and worked on years ago by John

Deck detail, painter ring and ghost of decal. We've had the decal reproduced to finish off the restoration when its complete

Thwarts show longer ends, similar to Chestnut and Peterborough 

Chestnut style deck with nice crown. Looks like butternut, will know for sure after stripping. 

Rot to be repaired on stern end. Smith used red pine for gunwales, we got enough from John to splice in sections to be repaired. 

Stem joint as done by Smith

 Pulling tacks from stems

Minor repairs from previous work

Canvas off

 Canvas off ready for chemical stripping

Update to follow...