Saturday 21 October 2017

Temagami Special Resto update

The boat is stripped, next up are the rail end repairs, oiling and varnishing and re canvas. A few surprises turned up during the teardown as well.

 The boat is built with copper tacks, unusual for 1946 as canoe factories had long turned to brass for tacks. The earliest boats are built with copper, very hard to locate these days. Possibly during the war old stocks were used up, or production had shifted to copper with brass being used for the war effort

Keel and stembands off, canvas is next

Nice recanvas done 20 years ago by the new owner of the |Temagami |Canoe |Co, John Kilbridge

Canvas was in fair shape, but outer rails were rotted, and stem and inner gunwale tips need replacing along with stripping and revarnishing.

 Peeling it back

Bare hull

Various plank repairs, along with 3 new ribs at the last canvassing

Old skin

Having once worked for the Peterborough Canoe company, the influence is seen when next to a '30s Peterborough cruiser, both 16 footers.

 Period logos are similar as well

Logo reproduced for the restoration

As the boat was well looked after, there appeared to be no more varnish applied than when built, making for an easy strip.

Stripper washed out with hot water and TSP to dislodge the remaining bits of varnish and stripper, and to lighten up the wood.

Butternut decks, front one has decal image shadow

 Initials and name of original owner, appears to have been put there by Smith back when he built the boat for him in 1946. This boat lived its life at the cottage in Temagami until this summer, when were privileged to acquire it. Overall it was in great shape, due in part to the solid build quality

Tips to be replaced.  Bill used red pine, and John gave us 2 pieces with enough material to splice in new tips.

  Tung oil after sanding, pine rails

Stripped boat, waiting for oil and varnish and minor repairs

Old canvas

 Back in the shop for finishing

More to come

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