Friday 30 December 2016

New (old) planer

Tired of the newer Rigid planer, too much aluminum and plastic, but mostly the replaceable blades that cant be sharpened and at $60 a set now we began looking for an older cast iron unit to take its place.  Been looking for one off and on for years, and got lucky this December. New blades, no motor, and looking for a quick rebuild, unit is in perfect shape with no broken casting. 

Unit as found, ready to be tilted into the trailer. Well over 300lbs even without the electric motor

Will need a new duct for chips and waste to connect to dust collection, and will have panels sheared for the base to close in, and to mount the switchbox on. New paint and bearings are in order after its been completed mechanically

Original folder from the factory in Drummondville, Quebec sometime late 50s or early 60s

Another 130 unit, complete. 2 speed infeed gearbox showing.