Sunday 13 March 2016

Mountain Bike revamp

Always wanted a Kona back when i was mounting biking, and finally got one back in 1998. Pre-disc brakes, early in the evolution of front and rear suspension, old style head down riding position etc. Cycling has evolved so much faster with new advances much more than watercraft, both with respect to technology as much as fit and form. Riding positions have changed to be more comfortable and ergonomic, but the old equipment can still work fine.  This bike saw some fine offroad work, but as life changed, and with time becoming more scarce it saw less and less use as the sport evolved. Wanting to get the fitness level back up, and as the kids can now keep up, it was time for an overhaul and make it more street friendly.

Pride of 1998, suspension forks were coming on strong, but opted for the old straight blades and the rapid fire thumbshifters were ditched for the last pair of top mounts the shop had. Worn off road tires and tired seat round it out. Oh and a ton of dust. 

Evo slicks, 3" rise bars and old school Oury motocross grips. 

First slick mounted, much better!

New gel saddle, and shifter and brake cables.

Refitting everything and new cabling going on.

Done and ready for a test ride. Much better and a good way to get that cardio workout

Oldest's new ride, aluminum framed and more comfortable ride out of the gate. Bottle cages, bar ends and a computer rounded it out but forgot to take a picture of the finished product.....

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