Tuesday 1 March 2016

More trailer stuff, gettin closer to done

The quest for a lightweight rail trailer is almost done. No more pulling a heavy duty box trailer for a couple of 70lb canoes. Besides the fuel efficiency, being lightly sprung is easier on the boats. Two tier racks will be removable for winter storage inside, and the upper racks will go to 3 or 4 boats from just the lower ones used for one or two. 
A trip to the Metal Supermarket and its on its way, best part is they cut to length so just put it together and welder up.

Vintage, and light weight

Rack bases bolted with grade 8s, removeable for storage

Gussets for crossbar to upright joint

Sleeved, bolt holes to be drilled

New bumpers for the bigger off road hits

Front rack mock up

Set for lengths from 9' kayaks up to 20'

Time to fire up the Lincoln buzz box

Need to take the sparks outisde, welding inside not the best idea....

Be done in time for the first replica to make its way north

Small areas of rust to be cut out and replaced, where boat winch was located.

Next is mount lights, new wheels and knock down for  paint then reassemble.

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