Saturday 27 June 2015

Pine Wanigan

Some of the last of the pine used to strip the building form, almost clear and 18" wide and 18' long, a nice find that had been cut years ago and bought up in Muskoka. Grade 6 teacher went above and beyond to make a real difference in our sons education, helping him reach his full potential. The form was dusted off and a wanigan built. Forgot to snap a picture of it completed with the rope handles, it came out nice. White cedar ribs (what else?) and red cedar planking, with inner and outer rails of American Chestnut, left over from paddle offcuts. 

 Complete, waiting for finish

Other side

First coat of tung oil

Soaking in fast

Colour coming up nicely

Helping out

Focus out front, sailing canoes in the background

Waiting on varnish

First coat, 4 more and it was presented. 

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