Monday 18 May 2015

Freighter canoe update

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Some progress, after interior paint. Rails are done, thwarts in. next is hang seats, and hull and deck paint. It will get kevlar skid plates, and an engine and its on the water.

Good bye blue!

Looking better, outside is next

Few more coats of varnish for the ash

Damn baby blue is ugly.

1st of 3 coats. Epifanes produces a nice, hard enamel finish.

Time for kevlar skid plates

All 3 keels plus stem and stern

Hard beach landings and floating over rocks and shoals arent kind to unprotected gel coat

Broad stern cover

bombproof stem

Black pigment in the skids will blend them in with the black hull paint

Much tougher!

Filling in the felt as it starves while epoxy is drawn down

One more coat of black and the yellow disappears

Almost all cured. 

Final coat goes on after tape removed to fill felt and seal edges

Curing outside


Stern cover

Paint job next, hang seats and  go fishing

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Tweezerman said...

What's the idea of the felt? Is it used above the Kevlar to add more bulk?