Sunday 5 April 2015

14' Peterborough recanvassing

Weather hits 2 degrees Celsius, time to canvas a boat. A 14' Peterborough restored for a daughter goes quick, especially with many hands

Stretching the canvas, the upside down method. Much prefer this to right side up and bracing the boat down in the taught canvas

Nice and taught.

A few more strokes on the come-a-long and its ready. The Ford anchor works fine

Other end anchored to the wall. 

Clothespins in place

Ready to mark the ribs, staple guns loaded with Stainless 

Sides done, boat cut out and ready to close ends

Gotta do the spots where the boat sits on the sawhorses

Dyed seat cane 


The lesson here is to have batteries for the camera, but it did get done! Just no shots of closing in the ends...

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