Saturday 14 March 2015

New paddles, in time for spring ice out.

What to do with nice, clear 6/4 American Chestnut and some nice wormy Silver Maple? Turn it into some stunning, one of a kind paddles. I like building, and love a challenging historic restoration, but cant get into paddle carving unless i lose or break my paddle and need to get out of the bush and life depends on it. So, when we're already up in Huntsville, you go and see Mike at Badger Paddle. Hell, he even lives on Ravenscliffe Road, how kool is that? Mike makes a great paddle, so we are having a bunch made for ourselves and friends, and one for the WCHA auction this July. Below are some pics of production in his shop, we'll pick them up in a month or two and complete them and put on the finish. 

Wormy maple and Chestnut

Lots of orders

Mike on a break

Nice Ottertail

More paddles waiting shaping

Super kool glacial erratics seen while snowshoeing

Icebound Segwun and Wenonah

Best way to fight cabin fever is a road trip! We'll be back up closer to spring to pick up the paddles, and maybe a boat or two...

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