Saturday 14 March 2015

Form progress and stem bending, March 14/05

Friday the 13th has come and gone, today it was time to get back on the project. Stem form was ready, and the stock was soaking for 3 days. Fired up the propane burner for stream, hit the blank with 190degree stream for 90 minutes and it bent up beautifully. Dressed the white oak backbone, and set the fasteners in the form so its ready for the top to be covered, and faired overall. Last steps are to set the bands when the stems are set on the form, and the gunwale backers will need to be steamed to shape and attached. 

Plastic tube for soaking stem stock with high-tech duct tape to hold stock down into water

3 days of soaking air dried wood, ready for bending. 

Form ready, typical system has wood tabs with a dowel , and a wedge driven down to hold. Works great, but c clamps offer as much or more clamping pressure, and are quick. 

Steel backing strap prevents tension failures during bending.

Bent and clamped, to set for a few weeks before removal and halving. 

Stem shape

Steam, lots of steam. 

Heading to 200degrees

With some time to spare during heating, took care of part of another project and milled up ash gunwale stock for a project boat coming in soon.  

Hold down bolts set into form for strongback, next to close it in and fair. 
Working in the shadow of the original provides lots of inspiration as the end is in sight, and so close 
to a new build.

Awesome quarter sawn white oak strongback, thanks to Rob's eye while at a sawyers. At 2.5"x3"x14 feet, is solid and perfect. 

Dressed on the planer, the fleck from quarter sawing is evident. 

Hit with Tung Oil, it looks great. 

Next, closing and fairing, and steel straps, followed by gunwale backers. 

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