Friday 30 January 2015

Wetterlings Axes - New axe for tripping

For years, a Norlund Tomahawk pattern axe has been on the side of  my Woods 200 canvas pack. Its what is typically referred to as a Hudson Bay pattern, and lately Norlunds have been climbing steadily in price as they have evidently become collectible.  A great axe, when the second 200 pack showed up i went looking for another axe to hang on it. It could sit across the top of a  100 rather than bang around the floor of the canoe and risk getting lost, as the 100s dont have an axe sheath. 
Enter Dick Persson, owner of Buckhorn Canoe Company and importer of Wetterlings Axes, an long established maker in Sweden. 
Finding out that among their other great patterns they had done up a Hudson Bay  pattern, we had to have one. Today it arrived, thankfully a short trip with Canada Post. A flawless transaction, anyone considering doing business with Buckhorn wont be disappointed. 

Quick delivery !

Nice leather sheath, swee hickory handle

Even a booklet, albeit written in Swedish..

Norlund Tomahawk pattern

Wetterlings proof mark

Similar patterns

In place on the 200

Tomahawk model

Top profile, Wetterlings poll is slightly longer, and the cheek and cutting edge are nicely wedge shaped. the eyes are similar, and both have the characteristic deep beard and no lugs.

Much more pronounced wedge on the Wetterlings, should cut and split small stock wonderfully.

100 and 200 packs.

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