Sunday 18 January 2015

The Faithful Minivan

People pretty much hate minivans - or at least say that they do. I love mine. My first Japanese vehicle since telling GM to shove their overpriced, unreliable and poorly assembled products after driving nothing but for 20 years. New off the lot in 2006 and still going strong, its only been back to the dealership for maintenance and to fix problems i could have avoided.
It pulls a trailer, i've slept in it, carries kids and gear and is relatively safe on the  highway. Fuel mileage is great, and i've had it off pavement on more gravel roads and trails that i bet most SUVs see. As i comb through old photo cards, these are some of the dozens of canoes its hauled home. If only i'd taken pics of EVERY one, but there are still more to come.


Tweezerman said...

You have 5 pictures in snow and 4 without. Probably need 6 vs. 3 to reflect the true Canadian climate.

ravenwoodcanoes said...

Yup, and thats not even counting the shots of hulls on the trailer(s)..